Strategic Approaches

Swatantrata Abhiyan believes in the freedom of opportunities, therefore it’s strategic approaches are based on enhancing opportunities that enables a person to safeguard ones’ life in dignity and respect others’ too.

Opportunities of Information: Opportunities of Information is one major strategic approach that Swatantrata Abhiyan follows on. Within this approach, the organization contributes on enhancing access to information through various interventions targeted at raising level of information, awareness and behavioural changes.  It may include media mobilization, mass awareness campaign, local awareness and communication interventions, trainings etc.

Opportunities of Participation and Enjoyment: Meaningful and ethical participation leading towards leadership of right holders is another key strategic approach of Swatranta Abhiyan Nepal. The strategies of participation and enjoyment includes interventions contributing on organization building, promoting assemblies, enabling freedom expression, empowering claiming of rights and services and enjoying the legitimate services and rights in mutual sharing and in a sustaining way.

Local and Global Solidarity: Solidarity is another major strategies of Swatantrata Abhiyan. The solidarity on movement, campaign and events enables the global and local population to link with each other on common issues and agenda. Solidarity also promotes common responsibilities and enhances the level of confidence. Therefore interventions related to solidarity expression through press, street campaigns, support and joining the movements at local, district and national level are an integral part of Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal.

Partnership and Pressure: Partnership and Pressure is mainly related with collaborative interventions with government. Swatantrata Abhiyan reaffirms it’s faith on the accountability and responsibility of government of protecting, respecting and fulfilment of rights. It believes that the developmental action should go together with government providing creative and constructive pressure and support. Interventions of service delivery, capacity building of government officials and making them transparent, accountable and responsible are considered within this strategy.

Research and Innovation: Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal believes on the ever-learning process on social change movement. The documentation of learning and reflection of learning in future interventions are must in any of the projects and programs it runs. Thus researches, learning and exploring the innovativeness on interventions and programming will be a strong part of it’s interventions.

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