Freedom from Fear

Fear of violence, abuse, exploitation, trafficking and impunity are major concern for Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal. It believes “justice ends fear”. Fear impose self restriction within a person to enjoy full potential by context, incidents, practices, norms and process. Fear leads to submission, prevents from independent, thoughtful and rationale engagement. The causes of fear are Justice Denial, Protectionist Approach, Absense of Rationale and Human Rights Based Interventions, Denial of Independent Individual Status as a person.  The consequences of fear are Dehumanization; Rampant Rights Violations; Slavery and Deprivation. The level of problems are Local and National; Political, Legal Economic, Social and Cultural.


The current initiatives under this theme are:

 Road Safety

Each year more than 2000 fatalities and 50 thousand plus injuries with a loss of 3% of GDP are happening due to road traffic incidents. The Road Traffic Accidents are causing loss of economy, disability adjusted life for victim, limiting mobility and economic activities

Right of mobility without Fear is a human right; Safe and Sustainable Public Transport and use of Safe private vehicles are integral part of safe and smart cities; pedestrian rights must be respected and recognized. So, we call for Pedestrian Rights of safe and friendly passages on roads; safe, sustainable, smart and disability friendly public transport system;efficient and effective health facilities for responding post crash cases; road safety education from school children to adult population of society,; stricter enforcement of Road Safety Standards on vehicles, roads and drivers licensing.

Injury Prevention

Injury is a major health problem which is ignored and non-recognized. We are mainly concerned with three areas of injury: Road Traffic, Occupational Safety and Health and Safety of Children in Home and Schools.
We call for:  Public Safety Standard Development and Applications for structures machines and roads; policies to persecute parents/care givers on the cases of child injuries; free or low cost treatment of injury faced by child and injured person; public education campaign on road safety, occupational safety and health and school and home safety for children.
Human Trafficking
10-17 thousand women and children are trafficked to India each year; the number can go higher with new trends to Africa, GCC and Middle East through Education Consultancies and Marriage Bureaus. Human Trafficking is a Procedural Crime that does Acts (recruiting, transporting, transfering, harboring or receiving a person) with a purpose of exploitation and use of means (threat, use of force, deception or abuse of power). Human trafficking promotes protectionist notion, reinforces stigma, limit mobility and potentials of an individual.
We call for: Cross boarder collaboration; Inclusion of in country and non-sexual exploitation cases in trafficking; empowering vulnerable and survivors; Provisions of State operated interception on transport and transport role and obligations on safety of children on move; Inter-governmental (at local, provintial and cross border) for identification interception and safe returning and rehabilitation of children on move, survivor and at risk population.



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