Freedom from Fear

Fear of violence, abuse, exploitation and impunity are major concern for Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal. It believes “justice ends fear”. Justice that includes social, economic and legal justice with a safer, enabling protective environment particularly for the vulnerable are within the major objective area of this organization. Swatantrata Abhiyan Nepal mainly interferes for justice, protection and reconciliation system that respect dignity and fundamental rights of the vulnerable, victim and survivors.

The current initiatives under this theme are:

Youth for Road Safety

Road safety is a major cause for loss of human life. According to WHO every year 1.3 million people died and 50 millions are injured in road accidents. Road Safety risks are much high in Nepal with annual 1700 deaths and thousands of injuries including heavy loss of property, creating trauma in society and family.

Youth for Road Safety is a national campaign on road safety jointly initiated by Swatantrata Abhiyan, Nepal Auto Sports Association, National Youth Council, FIA and other national stakeholders.

The campaign has envisaged reducing risk and incidence of road accidents and fatalities through mobilization of youths, national awareness and behavioural change initiatives, formulation of road safety policy and strategies and promotion of wider coordinated action among key stakeholders. The project is of one year being implemented in 2013.

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